Losing Weight by Keeping Running

“I haven’t been fat since I was young, so I don’t feel very good in my mind.” Seeing that she was getting a little fat, Amy was very anxious. She had tried many ways to lose weight. There’s a slimming method, a diet, a diet and a diet, but unfortunately, every time it falls into an inspirational weight loss – a vicious cycle of self abuse – temporary shelving – a rebound and abandonment. Slowly, Amy was numb. “I don’t want to worry about it. I’m so fat.”

The weight was 130 pounds, and the whole face was round. One day, when she was shopping, she met a college student. He didn’t recognize her when he was confused. After he reminded him, he laughed and asked, “Why are you so fat?” When she came home, she took out her most beautiful clothes and stood in front of the mirror, but she could not wear any clothes. “Look in the mirror shape and face shape of their own, indescribably afflictive.”

Amy wants to lose weight again. Just when she didn’t know how to start, she saw a story of a real estate guy, Yu Liang, one day, who lost more than 40 pounds by running and ran a marathon. “I looked at him before and after the contrast, shocked. I thought maybe I could try it.”

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