Why do you have a big weight gain after losing weight?

When you lose weight on a healthy diet, the healthy way is going to continue. If you throw out the healthy way and get back to the previous diet, the fat will follow.

Weight loss after success, weight will be significantly decreased, if a little careless, eat a meal, and then a little less attention to eat a meal, then the weight gain will be more obvious, which is normal. A meal, weight gain three or four Jin is possible, but not necessarily meat, the increase of weight after excretion should be less obvious, but frequent heavy eating, it is really easy to restore to the former obesity state.

Therefore, for those who lose weight, diet control is very important. No matter which way of weight loss is used, they should control diet. In this process, occasionally eating a meal does not cause too much effect, as long as the frequency of “one meal” can not be too high, and at the same time after eating, it also learns to “remediate”, avoid accumulation, and minimize the impact. Butterball lose weight by hunger is not reliable.