Losing Weight by Dieting is not an Effective Way

Nan Nan, 9, weighs nearly 100 Jin, which makes Nan Nan’s parents very angry. Let the children go on diet and exercise. All these methods have been tried, but as soon as they stop, the weight of Nanan will rebound immediately, and the mother is also worried about the child’s less development. This is the country? Xu Jing, the dietitian, deputy director of the Department of nutrition medicine, General Hospital of Shenyang military region, reminds us that children can’t lose weight by starving, nor can they map fast. In daily life, no matter whether the children are fat or not, they should pay attention to these aspects.

Weight loss can not be hungry many adults in order to lose weight can only eat cucumber, apple, the diet heat to the lowest, but children are in the growth period, “zero calorie” diet will affect their development. Xu Jing suggests that children should reject sweet drinks and sugar products, but do not have to reject all fat and protein, as long as it is reasonable to adjust their proportion in each meal.

To strengthen the sports fitness exercise, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, all kinds of ball games are available, at least half an hour every day. But Xu Jing reminded readers not to let children exercise too much because of losing weight, which makes it easy for them to get hurt. Fat children are not suitable for rope skipping, long-distance running and so on.

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