8-weight Weight Loss is totally a rip-off

Losing weight is always one of the most concerned topics. The weight loss in life can be seen everywhere. There are thousands of ways to lose weight on the Internet, but few people can really find the best way to lose weight for themselves, so it doesn’t help you to try again. In Japan, a diet method called “8 hours weight loss” has been popular in Japan recently. I believe that after hearing it, you will feel very far away. The Japanese program says the diet is very simple, which is to eat freely within 8 hours, whether it is high calorie food or high fat food, as long as it is. Food can be eaten casually, and it can really be thin. In the Japanese program, three women were invited to do the experiment. The experiment lasted for two weeks. After two weeks, the weight of the three women was reduced, and the waist circumference also became thinner. It sounds incredible. Why can we use this method to lose weight? Is this way of losing weight cheating?

In fact, the principle of diet Dafa is also very simple. Within these 8 hours, diet is equivalent to controlling the time of eating. The energy remaining in the stomach within 8 hours is converted to the upper digestive system, and then the ability to use metabolism will be reduced. And 24 hours to lose 8 hours and 16 hours, the 16 hours of the digestive system is still in progress, this time in order to digest the use of energy, then it will go to metabolism, so that the fat can also quickly burn. It is understood that this diet lose weight is mainly to reduce visceral fat, and for the weight loss around the stomach is the best.

The new nutrition dietitian at China University of medicine believes that the “8 hour weight loss” method can indeed satisfy the body’s nutrition metabolism and control blood sugar and help to lean. Research has found that people who control eating time from 10 to 11 hours will be more likely to lose weight than those who have more than 14 hours. The big premise is to work and rest and eat a balanced diet.