Why do you have a big weight gain after losing weight?

When you lose weight on a healthy diet, the healthy way is going to continue. If you throw out the healthy way and get back to the previous diet, the fat will follow.

Weight loss after success, weight will be significantly decreased, if a little careless, eat a meal, and then a little less attention to eat a meal, then the weight gain will be more obvious, which is normal. A meal, weight gain three or four Jin is possible, but not necessarily meat, the increase of weight after excretion should be less obvious, but frequent heavy eating, it is really easy to restore to the former obesity state.

Therefore, for those who lose weight, diet control is very important. No matter which way of weight loss is used, they should control diet. In this process, occasionally eating a meal does not cause too much effect, as long as the frequency of “one meal” can not be too high, and at the same time after eating, it also learns to “remediate”, avoid accumulation, and minimize the impact. Butterball lose weight by hunger is not reliable.

Losing Weight by Dieting is not an Effective Way

Nan Nan, 9, weighs nearly 100 Jin, which makes Nan Nan’s parents very angry. Let the children go on diet and exercise. All these methods have been tried, but as soon as they stop, the weight of Nanan will rebound immediately, and the mother is also worried about the child’s less development. This is the country? Xu Jing, the dietitian, deputy director of the Department of nutrition medicine, General Hospital of Shenyang military region, reminds us that children can’t lose weight by starving, nor can they map fast. In daily life, no matter whether the children are fat or not, they should pay attention to these aspects.

Weight loss can not be hungry many adults in order to lose weight can only eat cucumber, apple, the diet heat to the lowest, but children are in the growth period, “zero calorie” diet will affect their development. Xu Jing suggests that children should reject sweet drinks and sugar products, but do not have to reject all fat and protein, as long as it is reasonable to adjust their proportion in each meal.

To strengthen the sports fitness exercise, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, all kinds of ball games are available, at least half an hour every day. But Xu Jing reminded readers not to let children exercise too much because of losing weight, which makes it easy for them to get hurt. Fat children are not suitable for rope skipping, long-distance running and so on.

Frozen “hungry nerve” helps to lose weight

A preliminary US clinical study shows that freezing the nerve to the brain by sending starvation signals to reduce the intensity of signal transmission may help obesity patients lose weight.

The team of interventional radiologist Plo Lo Gore of Emory University School of Medicine published a research paper on the 21 annual meeting of the American Society of interventional radiology at 2018 annual meeting. Their preliminary research shows that the weight loss therapy is safe and feasible.

The researchers injected needles into the back of the patient. Under the guidance of CT (computed tomography) technology, argon was used to freeze the nerve called the posterior vagal nerve. This nerve is at the bottom of the esophagus, the stomach will be informed of the brain.

10 subjects with body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 37 underwent a 90 day trial. At the end of the treatment, all the people reported that their appetite decreased, their average weight decreased by 3.6%, and the body mass index decreased by 14%. No complications were found during the treatment, so far no adverse events occurred.

Losing Weight by Keeping Running

“I haven’t been fat since I was young, so I don’t feel very good in my mind.” Seeing that she was getting a little fat, Amy was very anxious. She had tried many ways to lose weight. There’s a slimming method, a diet, a diet and a diet, but unfortunately, every time it falls into an inspirational weight loss – a vicious cycle of self abuse – temporary shelving – a rebound and abandonment. Slowly, Amy was numb. “I don’t want to worry about it. I’m so fat.”

The weight was 130 pounds, and the whole face was round. One day, when she was shopping, she met a college student. He didn’t recognize her when he was confused. After he reminded him, he laughed and asked, “Why are you so fat?” When she came home, she took out her most beautiful clothes and stood in front of the mirror, but she could not wear any clothes. “Look in the mirror shape and face shape of their own, indescribably afflictive.”

Amy wants to lose weight again. Just when she didn’t know how to start, she saw a story of a real estate guy, Yu Liang, one day, who lost more than 40 pounds by running and ran a marathon. “I looked at him before and after the contrast, shocked. I thought maybe I could try it.”

Can Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight Quickly?

But because losing weight takes time and perseverance, it’s hard for many people to do that. So some people will choose to eat weight loss medicine, they feel that eating weight loss medicine is a shortcut, do not need to diet, do not need exercise, light weight can quickly lose weight. Is that true, then? Can you really lose weight by eating a diet pill? Eating weight loss drugs in the end does not depend on it?

Actually, there is no shortcut to lose weight. If you often take weight loss medicine, you will lose money if you want to lose weight by weight loss drugs. On the Internet, the search for the side effects of weight loss drugs, these key words, we can see a lot of cases of abuse of weight loss drugs, such as constipation, diarrhea, syncope, heart damage and other diseases words, but also with the news into our eyes. So the fact is better than the eloquence, no matter how the business is blowing the drug effect of weight loss, for weight loss, weight loss medicine is never a reliable method.

Chen Zuhui, the deputy director of the hospital infection control department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said in an interview with the family doctor on line that there was no shortcut to lose weight first. If you eat weight loss drugs, it is easy to cause some damage to the body. First, losing weight is a process that consumes calories and burns fat. It’s impossible to burn fat if you take drugs to burn calories. Many of the weight loss drugs on the market also have some functions of lowering blood lipids, such as triglyceride, low density protein, cholesterol and so on. However, some people are obese, but their own blood lipid is not high, this time this part of the people choose to eat weight loss drugs, then it will have harm to their body, easy when this part of the people suffer from Hypolipidemia.

Eating fruit can’t help to lose weight

A banana weighs about 100 grams. It contains 91 calories. And the heat of a bowl of rice is only 115 calories. If you want to consume the heat from this banana, you have to walk for an hour or run for 11 minutes.

Pineapple is also passed on as a weight loss fruit. But 100 grams of pineapple also contains 41 calories. To offset so many calories, you have to run for four minutes. The gooseberry in the micro-blog article is also the same. 100 grams of kiwi fruit contains 55 calories, and an adult takes 37 minutes to spend the same amount of energy.

And the most classic weight loss fruit, apple, can not be overlooked, which is as high as 52 grams. You also need to walk for more than half an hour to solve it.

Of course, the heat of fruit is not the highest among many foods. However, people generally think that fruit will not be fat if eaten, and it can also take away fat. Under the guidance of this wrong concept of health, fruit weight loss is popular. People think little of to eat more fruit, virtually intake more calories without knowing it.

To lose weight needs to be weighed

Why does the amenorrhea appear after the weight loss? Menstrual flow is a symbol of sexual maturity in women. It is the process of periodic hyperplasia and exfoliation of endometrium under the influence of ovarian hormones. It is regulated by the hormone in the body accurately. Human adipose tissue is not only a simple storage of energy, but also an important endocrine function. It can affect the female reproductive function by secreting leptin on the hypothalamus – pituitary – gonadal axis, while participating in human sex hormone metabolism in the human body, which can promote the formation of estrogen. Besides, the ovaries need to synthesize the sex hormones through the intake of cholesterol in the body. Therefore, when the body fat is lower than the normal lower limit, the synthesis of estrogen in the body can be reduced, and the decrease of estrogen level will lead to abnormal regulation between the pituitary and ovary, and then cause menstrual disorder and even amenorrhea.

Body fat plays an important physiological role in women. It should be controlled within a reasonable range. The normal body fat range of women is about 20-25%, and different races may be different. Obesity can be diagnosed when the body fat rate exceeds 30%. The maintenance of female reproductive function requires the body to maintain at least the minimum amount of fat, that is, the lower body fat rate of women, generally not less than 15%, and the low body fat rate may affect the women’s menstrual flow or even the reproductive function.

Water, lipids, protein and minerals account for 99.4% of the body composition. Currently, some components of human body can be analyzed by means of some detection methods. The biological component analysis of bioelectrical impedance is the most widely used in clinical practice. The principle of the principle is to make use of the principles of adipose tissue, muscle tissue, body moisture and so on. It can analyze the composition of body fat, muscle, bone and body moisture. We used this method to measure the body fat rate of the above female patients. The results showed that she was only 3%, far below the normal lower body fat rate of women, which was also an important cause of its amenorrhea.

8-weight Weight Loss is totally a rip-off

Losing weight is always one of the most concerned topics. The weight loss in life can be seen everywhere. There are thousands of ways to lose weight on the Internet, but few people can really find the best way to lose weight for themselves, so it doesn’t help you to try again. In Japan, a diet method called “8 hours weight loss” has been popular in Japan recently. I believe that after hearing it, you will feel very far away. The Japanese program says the diet is very simple, which is to eat freely within 8 hours, whether it is high calorie food or high fat food, as long as it is. Food can be eaten casually, and it can really be thin. In the Japanese program, three women were invited to do the experiment. The experiment lasted for two weeks. After two weeks, the weight of the three women was reduced, and the waist circumference also became thinner. It sounds incredible. Why can we use this method to lose weight? Is this way of losing weight cheating?

In fact, the principle of diet Dafa is also very simple. Within these 8 hours, diet is equivalent to controlling the time of eating. The energy remaining in the stomach within 8 hours is converted to the upper digestive system, and then the ability to use metabolism will be reduced. And 24 hours to lose 8 hours and 16 hours, the 16 hours of the digestive system is still in progress, this time in order to digest the use of energy, then it will go to metabolism, so that the fat can also quickly burn. It is understood that this diet lose weight is mainly to reduce visceral fat, and for the weight loss around the stomach is the best.

The new nutrition dietitian at China University of medicine believes that the “8 hour weight loss” method can indeed satisfy the body’s nutrition metabolism and control blood sugar and help to lean. Research has found that people who control eating time from 10 to 11 hours will be more likely to lose weight than those who have more than 14 hours. The big premise is to work and rest and eat a balanced diet.

Dieting to lose weight is not the most important thing

Like diet plan, investment strategy is easier said than done. People often try to keep fit. In the fourth quarter of last year, a person named CULLEN ROCHE gained 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) in weight. In order to lose weight, he developed and implemented a 90 day diet plan. An experienced person — CULLEN ROCHE can tell you that the only thing you can do is starve. The man only eats a meal and some refreshments every day. On the eve of the new year, the weight of the person is 205 pounds (93 kilograms), and now it is 175 pounds (79 kilograms).

However, CULLEN ROCHE can lose weight successfully, which has nothing to do with a special diet. He is not eating specific foods or follow a popular diet plan to slim down. In fact, a lot of things are hard to eat. But even if these things are hard to eat, he will insist on eating. One of the most important things that he can lose weight is a simple diet plan.

The same principle is also applicable in investment. For people, the best investment strategy is the investment strategy that allows them to stick to the bottom line. FX678 reports, unfortunately, as with the diet plan, people make things too complicated and often change their investment strategies to find a perfect way to optimize their portfolios. Unfortunately, they will never find this perfect way. The reason is very simple. Like a perfect diet, there is no perfect investment strategy.

Therefore, they waste their time, expenses and taxes, while investment performance also suck. Morningstar’s survey shows that ordinary investors can’t get market returns, because he has been changing his investment strategy. For fund like pioneer 500 index fund, this is indeed the case. You think those who invest in such funds are self-discipline, but in fact you will find a 3.76% gap between the returns and the overall returns of the investors who have ten years of investment.

A good investment is just like a good diet plan. People don’t have to find the so-called perfect diet plan. What you need is just a plan that you can strictly insist on yourself. For you, such a diet plan is the best. Similarly, what you need is an investment strategy that allows you to strictly insist on yourself.